Evaristo Hernandez
Hi Ron, I used to receive emails with your work since you announced about your health and I no received anything since then how can I continue receiving those emails, happy holidays
Ethan Lawrence(non-registered)
I would love to receive and see your collection.
Manish Gautam
New in this so just checking
Amazing quality
Stephen Richards
I don't really want to model. I think that I would just like to do something with Ron.
Alan Burgess(non-registered)
love his work love how's he projects the male form in such a strong way
Didier from France (aka. Hiromisshi)(non-registered)
I have heard of Mr. Ron Reyes work via the amazing models Harold Anunciacion and Ethan Maxwell Landry whom I am a big fan of. When I saw the picture of Ethan, the quality of the photo really stroke me and I was curious to know who took this photo because obviously the quality of photo showed that only a professional photographer could do that.

But when I saw Mr. Reyes' photographies, it really blew me away! The beauty of the models has been magnified by the quality of the photos. Every photo is a real piece of art. The position of some models reminds me of the antique statues of Greek athletes during the Ancient Greek. The vivid color and this dominance of Gold, red and light brown really beautifies the body the model.

What I like about Mr. Reyes' work is that the models are not sexually objectified. There is no sexual inuendo. When I see the pictures, I only see poses, expressions and intensity. The models and the photographies bring men beauty to a whole new level.

Bravo to Mr. Ron Reyes for his impressive work that really touched me, honest. Sorry for my limited English. I really encourage to keep inspiring us and show him his art.
Tamani Rarama
just AMAZING !
rodriquez v burnett
Just simply amazing work! Nice!
Aung Myo Min(non-registered)
I love all of your fotos :) <3
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